Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer

Video is a wonderful and timeless way to capture the overall feel of your wedding. A professional wedding video can be a timeless treasure that brings you right back to that important day. Remembering the dresses, the flowers, the table settings can help you relive the day throughout the years to come. Here are some tips to help you choose the videographer best suited to your needs.

Ask yourself exactly what you want to record in your video.
  • Do you want video of the events leading up the the wedding, such as the engagement, the wedding shower, the bride’s final preparations?
  • What specific parts of the wedding day to do want to record? The speeches, the cutting of the cake, the first dances?
  • Will the videographer be taking the time to speak to some of the wedding guests to get their best wishes on video?
  • The choice of music is also very important. What music do you want in your video?

These are great questions to ask before deciding what videographer to go with.

Decide what your budget is for your wedding video. Do you want your wedding to be photographed, video recorded, or both? Make sure to compare the prices of a few different companies, but don’t necessarily choose the least expensive. As with a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for.

When choosing the right videographer for your wedding:
  • Make sure to meet them in person. Don’t choose your videographer based solely on a website or a catalogue of work. It’s very important to meet face to face. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.
  • Choose a videographer you genuinely like and want to spend time with. You will need to work together to get the best outcome.
  • Look at their catalogue of work. Seeing the work they have done in the past will really give you an idea of the style of video they will be making. Make sure that the videos they have included in their catalogue are the same style that you want to receive.
  • Bring a sample of a wedding video that you really like along with you to show during the initial consultation. This will show the videographer what you are looking for and give them much needed direction.
  • Ask the videographer how they intend to capture the emotion of the day. A creative and talented videographer will be able to convey all the joy, anticipation and love of the day, and make a video that will leave you feeling the magic of the day every time you view it.

Make sure that the company/individual you choose to work with is willing to devote the time that is needed to plan for the shoot. They will need to visit the venue ahead of time, attend the rehearsal prior to your wedding day and generally be an integral part of the wedding planning and process. If the videographer is not willing to put in this time, they may not be the right candidate for your wedding day.

Having prepared videos for many different weddings, I can tell you that there are a lot of similarities from wedding to wedding. A videographer can expect to encounter many similar scenarios from wedding to wedding, but when it comes to your wedding day it’s the subtle differences that make your wedding day truly unique to you. Make sure to choose carefully so that these differences are captured on video so you can enjoy them throughout your life together.

Please click here for my wedding video compilation sample.

Andrew Stephenson,
AV Marketing