Marconi Club of London – Our History Since 1900

Event History Marconi ClubThe Marconi Club of London was established in 1900 in honor of Guglielmo Marconi. After a number of years of meeting in the homes of members, it found its seat in a building on Fullarton Street. The original use of the club was as a men’s meeting place. Around 1930, the club relocated to Carling Street in downtown London, Ontario, where it served the Italian-Canadian community for over 30 years. It was in the heart of Downtown London that the foundation was established. It became a place for Italian-Canadians to meet and congregate. Through sports such as soccer, baseball, bowling and bocce, Italians solidified their community within the community of London, Ontario. In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s there was a large influx of Italian immigrants, and as a result the Marconi Club’s popularity continued to grow. As the Italian community grew, so did the not-for-profit club’s membership. By 1964, the Marconi was so popular, expansion was inevitable. With the purchase ofHistory of Marconi Club land at the present location on Clarke Road, the new Marconi Club was on its way to becoming a community-based icon. In the early 1970’s, the soccer program was expanded, banquet halls were added and indoor bocce courts were constructed. In the early 1980’s a soccer field was built and a National Soccer League franchise was secured, culminating in a championship winning season in 1985. In doing so, the Marconi Club as well as the residents of the city of London, were thrust onto the national map. Garnering an N.S.L team was a great source of accomplishment and swelled the Marconi with a sense of pride. The soccer program brought together the youth of the city in a small family atmosphere and continues to do so today at an exponential rate. Along with the Ladies Auxiliary, numerous internal clubs and youth clubs, the Marconi has tried to integrate and work with many different affiliations. Today, the London Marconi Cultural and Banquet Centre continues to be a place for first, second and third generation Italian-Canadians to share their heritage while living in their new chosen home: Canada. For more information on the London Marconi Cultural and Banquet Centre, order your copy of the book “La Nostra Storia Cento Anni Assieme”. Feel free to contact us!